Fire Reterdants

Fire retardants are chemicals that are designed to control, slow down or prevent the spread of fire. 
Since the 1970s, they have been actively used in a wide range of common household items, as well as industrial and consumer goods, in order to reduce the flammability of materials
ROSHAL Group is a renowned brand in the development and production of environmentally friendly fire retardants intended for use in the following products:
  • Instumescent paints and construction materials, including electrical wires and cables, as well as insulation materials such as polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam;
  • Interior items, such as foam rubber, upholstery, mattresses, carpets, curtains and fabric blinds;
  • Electronics and electrical devices, such as computers, telephones, television sets and household appliances;
  • Vehicle parts and components, such as seats, carpet coatings and decorative cabin panels, as well as other parts of cars, planes and trains.
Every single product from the RN line is an ultra-modern, highly functional product. It was developed specifically in order to achieve the best results in the intended area of application.
Products in the Fire Retardants line: 
Наименование Roshal Химический Состав Содержание основного вещества Размер Частиц (d50/d98)  ЛКМ ПВХ ПЭ/ПП Композиты
RN-P40     Пентаэритрит Моно C5H12O4 2,2бис(гидроксиметил)пропан1,3-диол  ≥ 98% 0/40      
RN-P40F  ≥ 97% 0/40      
RN-P15  ≥ 98% 0/15  
RN-M40  Меламин C3H6N6 1,3,5-триазин-2,4,6-триамин  ≥ 99,8%  0/40    
RN-A40 Полифосфат Аммония (фаза II) (NH4)3PO4 Обладает высокой степенью полимеризации (n>1000) P:≥31% N≥:14% 0/40      
RN-A20 0/40    
RN-BZ25 Борат цинка 2ZnO*3B2O3*3,5H2O CAS:138265-88-0  ZnO:37,5%(+/-1%) B2O3^47,5%(+/-0,5%) 3-5/17  
RN-AT3 Гидроксид Алюминия Al(OH)3 Все марки также доступны с поверхностной обработкой частиц   Al(OH)3:≥99% 0/12     
RN-AT10 0/30       
RN-AT10S 3,6/0    
RN-AT50 0/160       
RN-AT50S - - - - -



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