About us

ROSHAL Group was established in 2009 after a merger of several independent chemical retailers and manufacturers.
Our manufacturing facility is based at the Roshal Industrial Park, Moscow Region, hosted by A. A. Kosyakov Combined Chemical Plant, one of the largest ex-USSR chemical companies.
Among the key strategic factors for selecting this production site, we note its excellent infrastructure, motor road/railroad accessibility and inter-industrial synergies.
Partnerships with the local companies yield many benefits and help to share best practices and competencies.                                                                                                                            

Quality is our passion!

Relying on our innovative technology and know-how, we offer the best possible product specifications in combination with high quality. We keep optimising our in-house and outsource manufacturing and logistic processes to maximise productivity and minimise costs. Our production site is strategically located to serve Central Russia and Eastern Europe, which ensures extensive market coverage and short turnaround times.


A few facts about us:

  • 4 independent production lines
  • more than 10 years of successful work in the chemical industry of Russia and the CIS
  • more than 50 unique own-produced commodity items
  • 120 employees + 10 scientific and technical specialists working on a contract basis
  • more than 1,000+ hours of scientific and research activities every year
  • 5000 m² of production facilities
  • Our customers and partners include: Lorem Ipsum, этекст-"рыба", Lorem Ipsum Lorem, Ipsum LLC, LORem LTD



Our own logistics centre

Our own logistics centre makes it possible to ship goods according to the just-in-time principle, thereby providing our customers with a tangible reduction in transport and storage costs. Taking into consideration the geographical features of our customers' locations, the practice of using multi-modal transportation allows us to optimise the delivery time, ensures the maximum possible efficiency and pricing flexibility. The direct transfer of all our experience and objective excellence provides our customers with guaranteed quality, tangible market advantages and an outstanding economic return.