ROSHAL Ammonium Polyphosphate

The ROSHAL RN-A line non-halogenated fire retardants are high-quality ammonium polyphosphate (APP) offered by the ROSHAL Group.
Properties typical for these products are high polymerisation (n > 1000), good heat resistance and low water solubility.
RN-A40 and RN-A20 fire retardants are halogen-free and therefore environmentally friendly.
Ammonium polyphosphates are very widely used in different industries. Thanks to their stable structure and high phosphorus and nitrogen content, ROSHAL RN-A ammonium polyphosphates are versatile base components for numerous systems and materials.
Made according to special technology, the ROSHAL RN-A inorganic fire retardants are the basis of flame retardant compositions for thermoplastics such as polypropylene and PVC.
Ammonium polyphosphate is widely used in the production of protective intumescent coatings for metal and wooden structures. The small particle size and super-uniform surface structure also allow this material to be used very effectively in polyurethane foams and various thermoplastics.
  • NH4PO3
  • Негалонизированный антипирен
  • Используется в химической, лакокрасочной и пищевой промышленности.
 Наименование показателя  RN-A40 (РН-А40) RN-A20(РН-А20)
Насыпная плотность, г/cм³ 0,7 - 0,9 0,6 - 0,7
рН при 25°С в 10% суспензии 6-8 6-8
Содержание Р (фосфора) , %, ≥ 31 31
Содержание N (азота), %, ≥ 14 14
Температура разложения, °C, ≥ 275 275
Массовая доля воды и летучих ве­ществ, %, не более 0,25 0,25
Средний размер частиц (d50), мкм 6-10 10-15
Размер частиц менее 40 мкм, % 99 97
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