Our Business Segments

  • ROSHAL                    Fire Reterdants      

    We develop and manufacture environmentally friendly fire retardants designed to be used in the following products:                                           -Instumescent paints and construction materials                                       -Electrical wires and cables                                                                       -Interior items                                                                                           -Parts and components for vehicles and many other things.                                                                                                                

  • ROSHAL          Coatings            

    The ROSHAL Coatings business line specialises in the production of anticorrosive and functional additives for the production of coatings intended for private and industrial applications.                                                          

  • ROSHAL          Recycling                         

    For many years ROSHAL Group has been specialising in the industrial processing, purification and recovery of contaminated halogen-containing and halogen-free organic solvents.                                                                                  

  • Contract    manufacturing                

    One of the lines of Roshal Group's business is the production of various chemicals for contract manufacturing. Manufacturing your products at our facilities according to a specified formulation ensures full compliance with the technological cycle and quality control at all stages of the production cycle in accordance with the customer's requirements