We are a dynamically developing, independent industrial company founded in 2009.
Our commitment to satisfying our customers' needs makes us versatile and goal-oriented, while our technical knowledge and experience allow us to stay one step ahead of market trends.

Business Segments


The company focuses on four areas of activity: the production and the supply of a wide range of fire retardants, additives and raw materials for paint coatings, the regeneration, restoration and production of organic solvents, as well as the contract manufacturing of household, industrial and specialty chemicals. Throughout the entire period of our existence, we have been mastering new areas of activity and constantly expanding the range of our products.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



New zinc phosphate-based anticorrosive pigments Production of non-woven alcohol-based antiseptic wipes We are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19
04.02.2021 20.01.2021 30.03.2020
Zinc phosphate-based coatings ensure a high corrosion protection level and can be applied to a wide range of metal surfaces. ROSHAL RN-ZnP20 zinc phosphate is a white anti-corrosion pigment for use in protective coatings and is suitable for a wide range of different primers. Due to its high processability and stability, it is easily dispersible and ensures high compatibility with a wide range of different water- and organic-based anticorrosive primers.                     Подробнее... Soaked with an isopropyl alcohol-based antiseptic agent, these wipes are equally suitable for the rapid disinfection of small area surfaces and for hygienic hand treatment. Thanks to their unique formula, the wipes have antimicrobial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses (including hepatitis A, B and C, HIV infection) and infectious fungi.Available in polymer jar-containers of 10–150 pcs, as well as in a dispenser up to 2.7 litres in volume.    Подробнее... For the safety of our employees and customers, we have taken a whole range of measures to prevent and avoid the spread of COVID-19. Some of our employees are working remotely. All other employees undergo mandatory daily thermometry and use personal protective equipment (masks, gloves) to the maximum extent possible when in public places.          


ROSHAL products

We know that our success depends directly on the success of our customers.Therefore, the ROSHAL Group team continuously studies the trends in the markets and industries where our customers are competing, in order to be able to develop and produce the right product at the right time.
Our technical expertise and ability to quickly adapt to the ever-changing world around us allow us to find and offer solutions to our customers that help them to maximise their competitive advantages and achieve maximum success in the market.

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