ROSHAL Recycling

For many years (since 2009) ROSHAL Group has specialised in the industrial processing, purification and recovery of contaminated halogen-containing and halogen-free organic solvents. We have our own state-of-the-art equipment and production laboratory, which allows us to work with a whole range of different products. Efficient resource management, Economy and waste management in a closed cycle – all these concepts can be combined into one important term: RECYCLING.
Our professional path in this area started with the launch of a pilot plant for solvent recovery, which had a capacity of up to 300 l/distillate per hour. At present, our production equipment fleet consists of six plants of various types, which allow us to process both liquid, thick and pastelike products.
The recycling division's total capacity is 11,000 tons /year, while applied technologies allow us to obtain ultrapure products that have no undesirable odours, shades or foreign impurities. When you choose ROSHAL Group as your partner for waste solvent management, you will be offered a choice of several standardised cooperation models:

Purchase and acceptance of contaminated solvents.

This model provides for a differentiated approach to working with spent solvents and materials.
  • At the initial stage, we carry out a multi-stage representative sample laboratory analysis.
  • Based on the data obtained and the results of analysis, we classify the provided product as a substance to be disposed of or as a product suitable for further treatment.
  • The next stage is to regenerate the material and then return it to the production and material cycle.
  • Waste formed during distillation undergoes heat treatment and final disposal in strict accordance with the applicable regulations and legislation.


Contract distillation and recovery of solvents.

  • Based on the data obtained from the input analysis of the sample, we develop and approve the formulation that will be used in the future to regenerate the product.
  • Depending on the customer's requests and requirements, we can improve the quality of product to be regenerated. The quality improvement is achieved by adding new components as well as by introducing other regenerates suitable in terms of their properties and composition.
According to international practice, the professional regeneration of spent solvents can significantly decrease production costs and reduce the negative environmental impact. In certain cases, savings can reach up to 90% compared to purchasing new raw materials. Contract distillation involves the processing of customer-owned raw materials supplied to us as needed in order to obtain a pure product with the original properties.

Sale of high-quality solvents and distillates.

  • In addition to regeneration services, we offer our customers a wide range of finished products of our own production – mixed and special industrial solvents. Our numbered (mixed) solvents fully comply with the quality standards according to the requirements of GOST or technical specifications. Solvents produced at our facilities have demonstrated their quality in various industries, such as construction and automotive.
  • We also offer a wide range of high-quality distillates of various types and compositions that can be used as a cost-effective alternative to original feedstock components.
  • Furthermore, our technical specialists can always manufacture special solvent mixtures according to the individual customer's requirements or formulations. 
Наименование Описание
R-SOLV 646 Универсальный, смесевой растворитель широкого спектра применения.
R-SOLV Prom Промышленный растворитель высокой чистоты с низким содержанием воды и посторонних примесей.
R-SOLV FlexoMix Высококачественный, смесевой растворитель на основе н-пропанола для флексографической печати. 
Ацетон  CH3-C(O)-CH3. Промышленный растворитель низкой токсичности с широким применением в сфере производстве лаков, эмалей, клеев и взрывчатых веществ, а так же химическом синтезе и производстве лекарственных препаратов.

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