ROSHAL Coatings

As practice shows, the choice of the correct raw materials plays a key role in the quality of the finished products. In addition, the use of separate additives makes it possible to provide materials and coatings with special properties, such as resistance to corrosion or mechanical impact.
The ROSHAL Coatings line specialises in the production of anticorrosive and functional additives for the production of coatings intended for private and industrial applications.


Anticorrosive additives:

ROSHAL Group RN-PZ 35 zinc phosphate from ROSHAL Group is a white inorganic powder with a melting point of 900 °C. Zinc phosphate is widely used as an anticorrosive pigment for manufacturing different anticorrosive coatings.

Polymer dispersions and resins:

Modern fire-retardant coatings require a comprehensive, highly technological approach. These materials must simultaneously combine two functions – the manufacturability of the paint coating and the efficiency of the intumescent system. The need to combine all these properties in one final product can often be a complicated task, which is seldom accomplished without compromising on quality.
Products in the Coatings line:  
Наименование Roshal Химический Состав Содержание основного вещества Размер Частиц (d50/d98) Вода  Органика ЛКМ
RN-SE Водная дисперсия Сополимер винилацетатат и этилена 49 - 51%  0/0,3    
RN-SL Водная дисперсия Сополимер винилацетатат и этилена, Этилена и винилового эфира 0/0,4    
RN-SH Сополимер Винилхлорида (66%) и винилацетата (34%)  ≥99,9% 0/1000    
RN-ZnP20 Фосфат цинка, Zn3(PO4)2, CAS-№:7779-90-0 98-100% 6/20    



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