Contract Manufacturing and Services

Since foundation, ROSHAL Group has always been a competent and reliable contract manufacturer of chemical products. Contract manufacturing of industrial and household chemical products and antiseptics is one of our major business lines. Our customers are government-funded organisations, retail chains and pharmacies.
Our manufacturing facility in the Roshal Industrial Park, Moscow Region, occupies over 1 ha. The facility has a site for receiving, sorting and storing materials of various kind, two cargo terminals and a dedicated railway link. We have a covered warehouse, a warm warehouse and a 1,200-tonne facility for storing highly flammable liquids on our premises.
We have extensive experience in handling customised orders, producing semi-finished and finished products for chemical, pharmaceutical and related industries. One of our differentiators is that we have large production capacities to handle HAZMAT class 3 liquids.

Our equipment:

  • Н150 to 10,000-L stainless steel and glass-lined reactors with anchor, gate and paddle agitators, and steam/oil heating jackets up to 300 °C.
  • Аn automated separator mill for pulverising solid and bulk materials to D97 fineness range (9 to 200 μm).
  • Semi-automated liquid and gel filling lines.
  • Semi-automated bulk product packaging lines with ultrasound sealing.
  • 0.3 to 4 cu. m. vacuum driers.
  • Vacuum distillation units for organic solvent/alcohol refining.
While producing or recycling as your outsource partner, we a priori adhere to strict safety and quality standards.
We also keep the customer’s formulations and products confidential.
Custom formulations development are an integral part of our range of services.
We also boast our state-of-the-art, fully equipped lab for incoming supplies inspection, in-process monitoring and final quality control. Our highly qualified engineering team can quickly reconfigure or expand the production facility to meet the customer demand. 
Производство  Производство и фасовка антисептических средств на основе изопропилового спирта в тару объемом от 0.1 до 1000л
Производство лкм и смесевых растворителей согласно рецептуре заказчика
Услуги переработки  Регенерация и восстановление отработанных промышленных растворителей, в том числе на давальческой основе
Переработка и утилизация и химических отходов 3-класса опасности
Услуги лаборатории Разработка и оптимизация рецептур лакокрасочных материалов, моющих средств, парфюмерно-косметической продукции.
Склад Ответственное хранение химической продукции в специально оборудованных сухих и климатизированных складских помещениях


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